The Logistics Terminal

The Logistics Terminal takes over 10-acre plot

The Logistics Terminal  takes over 10-acre plot

In a move that could see its warehouse capacity increase 10-fold, The Logistics Terminal (TLT) is set to perform a phased takeover of one of Tilbury Docks’ largest multimodal distribution warehouses. Situated on a 10 acre plot adjacent to the Port of Tilbury, Dock Gate 2, the move cements the Port’s reputation for generating local wealth and creating new jobs.

This month will see the start of the phased move from TLT’s current 40,000 sq ft premises, where the company handles in excess of 80 containers a week. Provided the new warehouse reaches capacity within the next 12 months, in excess of 800 containers a month could pass through TLT.

Richard Newbold who is shareholder of TLT and founder of renowned 23-year old logistics business, Triple A Transport Services Ltd, which is also based at Tilbury, comments: “The move represents the first of many port centric logistics terminals TLT intends on setting up at major ports across the UK.

“For years, cargo owners have incurred the financial and environmental costs of pointlessly hauling containers, weighing some forty four tonnes, hundreds of miles across the UK only for them to be returned to the port empty. Here at TLT we are helping to address this.
“Quite simply, the port centric logistics solution offered by TLT enables cargo owners to gain control of supply-chain costs whilst addressing their environmental impact. Carbon emissions are significantly reduced by TLT quickly offloading the container at the Port. The empty container is then immediately returned to the Berth.”

Offering a comprehensive container de-van and delivery service with a fully operational pick and pack high tech warehouse operation, TLT has seen its business grow rapidly since the company started trading in January this year.

Mike Brown, Managing Partner of TLT, who has over 30 years’ experience in the timber and plywood industry, says: “In terms of our ability to offer a state-of-the-art worldwide import and export logistics planning service, the site couldn’t be more suitable. Its position allows access to 30% of the UK’s consumers within a 2 hour drive. Plus, with access to a nearby rail head, it is truly multimodal in every sense of the word.”
“Additionally, TLT offers a complete logistics solution for onward delivery of de-vanned products. This includes palletised loads or parcels through partnerships with leading palletized distribution network, Pall-Ex and 2,500 haulage companies around the UK.

“Not only do we have our own fleet of shunt vehicles, we are also the only port centric logistics terminal linked to leading haulage exchange websites, , and .

“This effectively enables TLT to take care of a client’s entire supply chain operation throughout the UK and beyond.”