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Tilbury2 uses modern tech to track development progress

Tilbury2 uses modern tech to track development progress

Forth Ports are set to deliver on a new and up to date port terminal with Tilbury 2 – which has been under construction across 2019 is also set to maximise the use of various digital tools on-site with the technology to support the increased rate of goods moving in/out of the port that is expected. Contractors, Graham are set to make use of the digital tools available, which will benefit those using the port on a regular basis.

The Port of Tilbury is considered as one of the fastest-growing ports in the country with “fast, modern distribution services” from the benefit of the “southeast of England and beyond”. Under the Graham construction scheme, the location of Tilbury 2 (which previously held the Tilbury Power Station) is set to become “the UK’s largest unaccompanied freight ferry port” as well as “the country’s biggest construction processing hub”

To offer support with the construction work, Graham have applied high-level technology in construction and maintenance software. BIM 360 Field was introduced to help the construction efforts with checklists and updating on-site records.

The system allows for Graham to keep track of their progress on the Port of Tilbury’s development with estimations of completion and updating any required tasks. With over 300 Inspection Test Records constantly filled through BIM 360 Field, the records are made clear and concise for businesses – allowing a more organised approach to development and completion.

QR Codes are also made available to authorize access to documents. This saves a lot of time for members of the team, who do not need to keep track of passwords for particular documents or find alternative authorisation should they lose their details.

With the ability to scan QR codes, information is available relevant to specific locations – meaning a more organised and efficient construction environment for the workers. Speaking on the benefits of using digital technology, Graham quality engineer, Sally Postle said: “Using BIM 360 Field at Tilbury2 provides the engineers on-site with a clear overview of the work, and using the QR codes to split the site into areas, means they have full visibility of the necessary checks specific to their work.

“This digital approach has significantly enhanced our quality assurance processes as all information is electronically collated into one system.”